Elfverson & Co is a family where no employee is the same but everyone is equally valuable. Regardless of your role, background and personality it is important that everyone is happy. This is how two of our employees describe what our workplace looks like.
Armina Dzafic

Armina can usually be found in our first sorting. She is flexible, learns quickly and likes to work in different places, which means that she often goes from one department to another to cover up in the event of absence. Armina spreads positive energy and is always ready to chop in, whether it is in sorting, standing at a lathe, a round machine or in the packing.

“I am very happy to work here with at Elfverson. It is a nice workplace with good colleagues and fun workdays”

“Elfverson did not require any previous education and I had little experience before I came here, but Elfverson chose to give me a chance and for that I am very grateful.”

Armina Dzafic, Elfverson

Gustav works as an automation technician in production. He sets the lathes and knows most of the technology in the company. If he does not set a lath, he is working on the Vision systems, the laser machine, programming, the Drying system or IT. Gustav likes challenges and is always happy when a customer comes up with a tricky question and he always finds a solution.

“The best thing about Elfverson is the atmosphere. It is a nice workplace with wonderful colleagues and varied working days”

“What I do requires some experience in engineering and I work a lot with CAD and machines. The most important thing for me has been to be forward-looking so I have joined the team and developed.”

Gustav Rossmersson, Elfverson

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