Elfverson & Co are world leaders in the production of wooden tops for closures.

For more than a century we have been producing turned wooden details of the highest quality. In our product line you'll find, amongst others, our world renowned yo-yos and wood tops for well known whisky brands such as Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Over the years we have produced a number of different items, starting with thread reels and continuing with handles, toys and other details. Today our main items are wood-tops for spirits.

Our company produces articles that are delivered to other companies across the globe. Many of these are multi-nationals with high demands not only in quality, but also in sustainable and responsible performance.  We are committed to conducting business in accordance with Swedish and EU laws. We manage our operations in a way that supports environmental sustainability and we strive for continuous improvement. We are members of SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.